Remembrance from Sandra Meyers

Thinking about Jerry

He’s about poetry and prose, politics and philosophy, aw and literature, religion and reality. One could say a renaissance man, but that reference is to the past and Jerry was past, present and future,; Shabbas dinner and bar banquet; The American Poetry Center and the American Bar Association , profession and family; worldly and homebody- did he ever love his home! He was like all great people and works of art, both unique and universal. There were no either/ors; always “ands.”

These many years of knowing Jerry and Marciarose have been one of the bright lights in our lives. Though meeting to rarely, accidentally and deliberately, the conversation simply picked up wherever we left off- ten minutes, ten days or ten years before!

Notwithstanding the pains and discomforts of his last years, Jerry lived till he died. He was a man of courage and character. As Shakespeare said, “Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant only taste of death but once. Jerry was a valiant man, a man of character and courage who will be missed terribly AND remembered with great pleasure.

Maricarose, we love you and hope to see you very soon. Today we had the unveiling of my brother in law’s gravestone and thus could not be with you – except in our heats and minds. We will come soon to visit.

Much love from Morey and me,

Sandra Meyers

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